Smart. Green. Unique.
Beauty frees talent

A place unlike any other,
in the dynamism of Bicocca in Milan.


A three-storey open space housed in a sustainable building. The result of an innovative project, Superlab is an iron, glass and rubber horizontal skyscraper, the ideal space to locate your business.

Floor area


On each floor:

Floor surface: 1680

Lenght: 100 m

Capacity: 150 people


A communal access floor. Four storeys of open and bright space

The floor surface concentrated on one level allows for optimised office capacity.

The area
The area

Viale Sarca 336
At the centre of innovation,
15 minutes from Garibaldi

Bicocca already represents the future of Milan, with numerous established companies and ongoing projects.
A thriving cultural and service district, where the University and Hangar Bicocca have launched a new phase for the city in the growth axis between Porta Nuova and MilanoSesto.

  • Lilac Metro Line

    4 mins from Bignami

  • Red Metro Line

    10 mins from Sesto Marelli

  • A52 Motorway

    10 mins

Resident companies

Agos, Cefriel, Engie, Il Sole 24 Ore, ING Direct, Pirelli, Philips, Prometeon, Prysmian.


A carbon-free building,
LEED Gold certified

From the green rooftop to the various plants and trees, the Superlab project is built on a bond with nature. The structure opens out to its surroundings, including the new green areas that have been created along the building.

The building is powered solely by certified renewable sources, with no gas-fired power stations. It is equipped with solar panels, energy efficiency solutions and a rainwater recovery system.

An in-progress alive work place


A regeneration that invests on time

A technologically advanced and safe workplace. Every component of the reconstruction uses the most effective and creative technologies, from the fire sprinkler system to the modern rainwater drainage systems.

Superlab’s concept is to provide rental space that is designed and built to hold its value over time. A cutting-edge structure that can be passed on to future generations.

A win-win approach for both the property owner and the tenants


Contemporary, minimalistic,

Superlab reclaims the former Breda headquarters. A project that enhances the existing iron structure – now green, light yellow and coral – in a mix of recovered original elements and creative solutions.

The double-height tree-lined reception area, the urban-style lights, the exposed installations – between concrete joints and transparencies, the industrial aesthetic is combined with a sense of welcoming contemporary lightness.

Blending together creativity and respect for space

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